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Residents of the Columbia Heights area

DC - Columbia Heights Neighborhood
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This community is for anyone currently living in, living just outside, interested in, or just passing through the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Share pictures, news, current events, or anything else related to the neighborhood.

Columbia Heights is a rapidly developing neighborhood of Washington, DC. Once a largely rural area just outside the original boundaries of Washington, DC, it gave way to a major horse racing track in the 1800's, a densely populated community of middle income and government workers by the 1920's, and then a bustling "city within a city" by the 1960's. Columbia Heights suffered a major decline after the devastating riots of 1968 following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The dream of restoring Columbia Heights back to the vibrant community and thriving commercial district of the past took a major leap forward with the opening of the Columbia Heights Metro Station in 1999. This attracted a flood of investors to the Columbia Heights area and brought the promise of major development projects that would breathe life back to the neighborhood. With the collaboration of community residents, developers, and the DC government, a masterplan for the Columbia Heights revitalization efforts was drafted.

Today, Columbia Heights is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in DC. It has a very large Hispanic, African-American, and White population along with a substantial population of Asian-Americans and other races. - Columbia Heights News